President’s Day and the American Way - Freedom Wash

President’s Day and the American Way

We think the founding fathers would approve of President’s Day since it has come to mean fantastic sales designed to stimulate our country’s economy – capitalism at its best.  And if you are one of the lucky ones who will be buying a car this weekend, Freedom Wash is here for you to keep it looking shiny and new.  But if the new car sales are passing you by, why not bring your car in and make it feel brand new all over again today and throughout the year.  Our Freedom Unlimited program gives you the ability to wash your vehicle as many times as you want for one monthly fee.  That’s right.  You can keep your car looking like you just drove off the lot.  You’ll feel good because you look good, but more than that, it’s the American way to take care of what we have.

Happy President’s Day!

Click on the picture above, then choose your package and enter promo code  president for 50% savings off your first month.*  expires Feb. 29th 2012

*You are signing up for a minimum 90 day program and must call to cancel.