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August 16, 2020
Who Will Take Home The Crown of Most Efficient Car Wash?

Who Will Take Home The Crown of Most Efficient Car Wash?

Who Will Take Home The Crown of Most Efficient Car Wash?

Ding, Ding, Ding, Fight!!!

The Heavy Weight Automated Automatic Car Washing Champ!

To begin, the use of machines is taking over in almost every industry, and car washing is no exception. In recent years, automated car washing has become the ultimate challenger to hand washing.

Let's see how it ranks up against its opponent. Many people would place their bets on the automated car wash method for several reasons, but others would beg to differ.


  • Finesse | Gentle on the car body paint. The car body paint is one of the cherished parts of any car, and the owner protects it at all costs. The use of hard brushes in the past led to scratches and the eventual destruction of body paint jobs. In contrast, today’s automatic car wash method does the opposite as it is gentle and gets the job done without any damage.
  • Thorough | The amount of work done by the automated machine is perfect as there is no chance for skipping any of the steps fed into the device’s memory.
  • Endurance | Humans are not perfect, and the hand-washing method depletes a person’s energy. Tired people are likely to deliver poorly done jobs and may not remove the dust and the dirt on the car body. The automated car wash has no space for tiredness and is reputed to even reach areas where hands may not reach.
  • Cost Effective | The automated car wash is known for using modern car washing techniques that save time and water. The time factor and the low amounts of water used allow the car owner and car wash specialist to cut on costs.
  • Time Saving | Most professionals would make do with taking their vehicles to an automated car wash where they will have the car washed in a record time of under 3 Minutes.
  • Customized | Using automated washing machines allows car washes to customize their car washing needs. They may need to combine several coat care methods in one operation, and the automated process delivers it in record time.


  • Reduced Capacity | Automated car wash strategies tend to focus on washing the car with limited or no contact. While this has been touted to be good, there are chances that stuck grime will remain on the motor vehicle body even at the end of the wash.
  • Costly | This method of carwash uses expensive, specialized machines. Even if a customer opts for washing at the nearest self-service car wash, the amount of money paid is likely higher.
  • Water Spotting | Some automated car washing can leave water marks on the vehicle’s body as the air dry or final hand cloth dry may not be totally effective, especially when older equipment is used.

The People’s Champ of Hand Wash

For a long time, washing cars by hand was the most orthodox competitor, used way before the heavyweight entered the playing field. Self-serve bays were added to innovate the idea of hand-washing but at a facility. As advancements in technology and the ever growing need for efficiency increased, many car owners have invested into the latest craze.

In spite of the belief that washing cars by hand has its advantages, lend it to a thought that hand washing should still be in existence for some time. Many automatic washes are accompanied by self-serve bays, which revolve around hand-washing with given tools provided. It is a less independent way of hand-washing but merely the same job. Looking at some of the strengths and weaknesses may help you understand the real background of washing by hand.


  • Perfection & Customized | The final result of a hand washing job is usually deemed to be perfect, as the user has had contact with the car. Using a hand wash in tandem with other coating strategies is advised. For instance, the chances of getting dirt completely off of the car are higher as the carwash specialist takes time to dry the car after taking the car through processes like claying and waxing.
  • Easy to set up | The cost of buckets and sponges used in car hand-washing is usually lower and can be purchased anywhere.
  • Better Reach | There are areas on the car body where machines may not reach on the car, yet hand-washing may get the dirt out.


  • Sandpaper Effect | The most feared thing with hand washing is the damage caused by scrubbing the car coat because of the delicate nature of the paint. Over time, the buildup of tiny bits of dirt on rags and sponges leave them loaded with hard objects. Scrubbing without due care on painted surfaces using rags or sponges that may have developed these thick patches has left several scratches on many cars that are hand washed.
  • Poor Finish | Identifying the dirt and trying to remove it is possible, though not guaranteed as body muscles may not at times be strong enough to manage the sticky nature of grime. Unwashed soap on car coats also leaves a dull look on vehicles.
  • Labor and Time Intensive | Hand-washing requires the intense application of muscle energy. Tired muscles are likely to do a poor job. In addition, the amount of time it takes to hand wash a car is longer and may at times turn into hours of work.
  • Water Usage | Many automated car washes have the edge in the area of water usage, compared to hand washing.


Looking at both strategies, automated car washing is a better and more suitable pound for pound fighter when the vehicle user has limited time. However, certain car brands in the market, such as luxury cars, are better hand washed to give them that gleaming look.

It is evident that when the pros and cons of automated car washing and hand/self-serve car washing are compared that the use of an automated car wash comes out on top in our current world. Many people would rather spend less time and avoid the hassles.

For car owners and car wash specialists with the time to spare, it is best advised to use a mix of both strategies. But for the sake of balancing the interests of the vehicle to be washed with the outcome of the washing, exclusively using the automated car wash method is preferred.

Automated Wins in a 10 Round TKO

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