New Card Information

WashCard Holders:
We have made improvements!

If you have a balance we will transfer that balance to a new Freedom Card.  Please note, at the present time, if you are a user of the automatic tunnels the old Freedom Washcard and the new Freedom Card will not work on the entry systems.  We are offering 1.5 times the value of what you have on your existing card to be applied to any Freedom Unlimited plan of your choosing.

When you use a Vacuum we are now giving 5 minutes instead of 4minutes.  We also now give 6 minutes when using self-serve bays.

You will only have to swipe your card once.  The timers count up now instead of down.  You will be charged the minimum (vac $1, self serve $3).  After your minimum charge your timer will begin to count up.  Just press stop when you are done.  You will only be charged for time used above your minimum charge.

Unfortunately the new system will not allow birthday wash or 10% bonus when adding money and for now you will have to add money online
Please contact customer service at 757-233-7610 weekdays 9am – 5pm for any other comments or concerns.

email us: with card number and contact information for your new card.
In the future you will have to add money and check your balance online.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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