Fleet Services

Freedom Wash not only has the best car washing facilities in South Hampton Roads it is also number one in value when spending money on a car washing service. When it comes to keeping a fleet of vehicles in excellent appearance you must be flexible and convenient. Two locations are 24 hours a day.

Our fleet services are designed for virtually any type and size company. From a small three fleet company to a vehicle fleet of over 1000, our fleet program is designed to ensure your company vehicles stay clean. Our integrated computer system allows you to track when vehicles are coming and we have all the precautions in place to prevent employees washing their personal cars.

Benefits of a Fleet Account:

  • Fleet discounts for larger Fleets
  • Monthly Statements & Detailed Statements
  • No Appointments Necessary
  • We Offer Over 10 Years Of Serving The Community

Your company can save money with a commercial fleet discount. And enjoy the convenience of paying online. Contact us below and get started.

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