Customer Service Administrator Employment Application

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with owners and senior management to write, implement, evaluate and refine policies, procedures and performance standards across the organization – this position is specifically responsible for making sure required documents are signed by all employees and kept on file.
  • Supervise customer service activities conducted in the main office, including answering calls, responding to complaints, addressing incident reports, keeping records of repairs to customer vehicles, making sure videos are saved, waivers are signed, customers are satisfied, etc.
  • Oversee staff compliance with money pulling and cash deposit procedures, conducting audits as required and participating directly in the money counting process whenever necessary.
  • Serve as primary liaison between offices for accounting purposes.
  • Supporting inventory management and cost control in collaboration with others as instructed.
  • Direct overall organization and cleanliness of the main office, improving work efficiencies, and controlling office expenses thereby contributing to a more productive, profitable environment.
  • As part of the management team, lead by example and put customers first, always being ready to supervise front line personnel or serve customers directly to meet business demands.
  • Perform additional duties as directed by owners and senior management.

General Expectations

  • Proactive/Takes Initiative: does not need constant direction, identifies problems and seeks solutions.
  • Results-Oriented: stays focused on getting the job done.
  • Responsible/Accountable: takes ownership of assigned projects ensuring effective performance.
  • Leads by Example: works hard and keeps others motivated/productive in the office.
  • Excellent Communicator: listens and explains well, collaborates effectively, fosters high morale.
  • Honest, Reliable, Responsible, Trustworthy, Flexible, Positive, Outgoing and a Team Player.


Customer Service Administrator Employment Application
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