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About Freedom Wash

Quality, Innovation and Customer Service

Passionate About Technology, Quality, Innovation and Most Importantly, People/Customer Service.

Freedom Wash is a locally owned small business with partners who grew up together in Virginia Beach and are passionate about, people, business and car washing. We are growing and currently have 7 locations stretched  across the Southside of Hampton Roads. Freedom Wash offers automatic, self-serve and vacuum options and offers corporate fleet services to businesses in the area.

The company was founded in 2004, by Chris Giroux, Managing Partner, and his partners, all of whom are local residents who grew up in the area. Freedom Wash is still privately held, family-operated and committed to the success of the local community.

After years of selling car wash equipment to other operators, Chris had a vision to provide a car wash experience locally with the focus on the customer. He established our core values of quality, innovation and customer service.

With such a high emphasis on customer satisfaction, Freedom Wash has built a loyal following of customers that extend to car enthusiasts, car clubs and resident families. The highly trained Freedom Wash staff wash over 10,000 cars monthly.

Chris also believed in what he called a community conscience. That’s why the entire company is committed to environmental protection and conservation, treating 100% and recycling up to 85% of our wash water through technologically advanced equipment

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